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Christmas Pine Tree

What We Offer

No matter what you desire in a Christmas Tree, we have it. 

Cut-Your-Own Trees

We have everything you need to pick out and cut down your own tree. Just bring yourself and your family to pick the perfect tree to complete the look for your home this Christmas season. Trees start at $9 per foot. For any tree larger than 13', please call us.

Wreaths & Porch Decor

We sell decorated or plain 24" and 30" wreaths all season long. If you would like to order a 48" wreath please call us and we will order that for you! We also create Kissing Balls and Sprays to decorate your porches all season long. If you have specific requests, please let us know!

Tours & Field Trips

We are excited to host you and your class for a field trip. Learn about our trees, the farm, and how to care for your fresh tree once it comes home. Contact us to find out more!

Pre-Cut Trees

The barn has a large number of pre-cut trees to walk through if you can't go out to the field to pick your own. These trees come from our fields or Wisconsin and are $10 per foot. For any tree larger than 13', please call us. 


We have the garland you need to decorate your porch and fireplace. Sections up to 25' are available. Remember a loved one with a Grave Blanket. Call ahead to order.

Country Store

Our store has everything you could need to decorate your home. Come peruse the racks of ornaments, home decor, and delicious goodies. Just ask and we will happily personalize any ornament.

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