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Caring for Our Trees



All of our Cut-Your Own Trees start off as Saplings. When we plant them they are roughly 1-2 years old, and are anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet in height. All of our trees are planted 6 feet apart, this is done in order for the trees to have enough space to grow without  growing into one another. After planting is over most of our job is done until the trees get a few years older.


Growing Stage

A few years after planting, the trees are now ready to be groomed into Christmas trees. Our first job is to make sure that the tree is growing Straight. To do this we need to make sure that there are no double trunks, and that there is a bud growing straight and tall. Some trees need assistance in this endeavor and are tied to a small wooden stake at this age. 


Shaping Stage

Now that the trees are 6 years or older they are ready to be trimmed to the proper Christmas tree Shape! We do this by using a motorized saw blade at the end of a pole. Moving the saw in an angular up/down motion the operator can walk around the tree cutting off any excess branches. This gives the tree their typical triangular shape.


Selling Stage

After the tree is shaped, it is ready for sale. When the customer (that's you!) comes and cuts down the tree we then finish the process by shaking the dry needles out of the tree, wrapping it & tying it to your car. Time to take your tree home!

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